Emma Cameron

We all face the tough decision of what to pursue after finishing secondary school. Emma tells us a bit more about her own journey and how she continues to nourish her creative streak...

So I’m Emma Cameron from Strontian but currently living in Edinburgh studying languages. I’ve always been a creative person for as long as I can remember; with Room 13 Summer school residentials in Strontian to painting every surface in the house to moving on to doing Advanced Higher art. Art is a constant for me and without it I wouldn’t be me, so its become more than a hobby but rather just a part of my life.

From a young age I’ve been involved with Room 13 with going to the summer residentials to later volunteering with them. So from age 8 I’ve been involved with them in different ways and there’s many embarrassing photos to prove it. I’ve known the artist Claire Gibb from the beginning and she’s seen me develop as a person and my art skills improve. The summer residential was an important part of my year; I met artists of all ages from around the world and didn’t have the restrictions of my usual art classroom. An artistic freedom a young me dreamed of. It was a wonderful atmosphere and has fuelled my hunger to be involved in the creative world, no matter how small. With the help of other volunteers from Room 13 Caol from my area we established a Room 13 in my local high school and I’ve passed the reins over to another leader. I’ve been able to work with young people and adults, lead workshops and even got into Highland Youth Arts Hub! My art was further developed through my experiences through High school and numerous art teachers which finally led me to creating a portfolio for Advanced Higher.

For me it was a real 50/50 if I was going to go to art school, on one hand my love for languages seemed like my best shot however, I couldn’t live without the arts in my life. So my advanced higher was my compromise. I’ve always been really into portraiture; the way people can be captured and conveyed was really interesting to me. However, another aspect I wanted to explore was hair due to it being one of my main characteristics. My artwork was all about conveying hair’s character- especially natural texture since traditionally the hair in the media isn’t natural. I was experimenting with the definition of portraiture, if your hair could be your sole identifying factor and if a portrait really needed the subject’s face. So this theme propelled my artwork forward; which ended up very successful since I won an award.


Just before I sent my portfolio into the grasps of the SQA I put it into the Rotary Club of Lochaber Young Artist of the year 2016 competition and actually ended up winning. With people I previously volunteered with, Robert Menzies, actually inscribing my name into the trophy, made it even more special.

Through Highland Youth Arts Hub my artwork was showcased with other amazing young artists in the Glasgow Art Hub #15DaysOfYoungScottishArtists campaign. I would recommend looking it up since there were much better artist than me!

While I didn’t end up going to art school I’m still going strong with my own artwork and developing my skills! I’ve got to show my artwork and even play with a string quartet through the Highland Youth Arts Hub. I would recommended looking into other Hubs as well to look at the opportunities around Scotland!