Masterminds of Motivation

On the 5th October 2016, the HYAH held its second 'Creative Careers Day' all day event for anyone over 15 hoping to gain advice and direction in following a career in the arts...Lucy Duff from Charleston Academy gives us some insight to how the day went...

It’s October. Yes, the season that brings us Halloween, Pumpkin spice everything, and of course the heavily anticipated ‘Croctober’, is finally upon us. Whist for some, October represents the kick-off of their dedication to upcoming seasonal events; Choosing Halloween costumes, splurging on ugly grandad jumpers and stocking up on Christmas decorations two months too early. Yet, for those in their final years of high school, October marks the beginning of educational purgatory. It’s the beginning of the great unknown. Whether your destination is a college / university, taking the leap into full time employment, or like many- you’re unsure about what it is you want to do; Let the stress subside for a day, and make room for the motivation that careers day outings will undoubtedly bring. Think of October as the ‘break’ month, the month that allows the time for you to make some decisions. October brings along with it the opportunity of helpful resources (events like the HYAH careers day, open days and student support presentations) to guide students into making one of the biggest decisions of their adult life. No pressure.  We’re keeping calm.

With university / college applications underway, the almost ritualistic stress has set in for the next 6-8 months. During this testing time, you’ll be inundated with events hosted by organisations such as the Highland Youth Arts Hub, specifically targeted towards aiding future high school graduates in making the transition from school into further education or full time employment. With many a bountiful opportunity presenting themselves frequently, there is no reason for anyone to miss out on chances to broaden their careers spectrum. Since having only hosted official careers events in the past two years, the HYAH have managed to successfully establish a steady social media following and presence, whilst broadening the artistic scope and creative bandwidth for those eager for educational independence. One such individual, Alice Lee (a prospective graduate from Charleston Academy) shared her enthusiasm about the HYAH careers day event, stating, “Today has been really beneficial because it gave us opportunities to speak to people who have experience in the creative fields we are interested in- opportunities that we wouldn’t receive otherwise through our school.”



With multiple stalls exhibiting renowned organisations and businesses (from areas local to Inverness and farther afield) such as the creative minds behind Moniack Mhor, to the expertise of guest speakers like Lindsey Brown, there is an abundance of advice, and knowledge to be gained. Events like these have proven themselves to be fundamental in opening young people’s minds to the various professions- within and outwith the art community- available to them. Despite some of those attending only being in their fourth/ fifth year of high school, some like Freya Grant of Millburn are preparing for their future decisions, “I’ve found it really good so far, the volunteering talks were really inspiring. They’ve made me aware of new things like writing and print courses, I’ve got a year to decide what I want to do though, so if they (HYAH) do this again, I’d like to come back and hopefully be more inspired”. Through events offered by local organisations, you’ll find opportunities close to home, enabling you to build self-confidence through making connections for future voluntary reference, work experience and communicative purposes. The links are there to be made- so throw yourself in at the deep end, volunteer, offer your time and expertise and you’ll be rewarded with valuable life experience and newfound knowledge that will benefit you in the long run.


October. Vast opportunities. Your cue. This is your time to ask questions, be as inquisitive as you can be, and when asking questions in relation to your future- don’t hesitate to inquire as to how certain connections/ career paths could be beneficial to you. And for those stuck in a pit of indecisiveness; it’s difficult to choose just one course- so why pick just one? Don’t limit your chance to extend your creativity, apply for different courses because you might find a new passion. If University/school just isn’t for you, that’s okay too- feel no pressure to force yourself into something you don’t enjoy, but never stop learning- seek new ways to be educated, knowledge is power- and with that you could be he change you want to see in the world. There are no guarantees in life, so go forth and take the shot at doing something you love.