Rock Challenge Q&A: Ciaran Cullen

Rock Challenge has taken the Highlands by storm over the last couple of years with more and more schools getting involved in the multi-arts Ciaran talks a little more about his breakdancing and involvement in this years competition.

Q and A with Grantown Grammar School Break dancer– Ciaran Cullen [S5]


  1. Why do you break dance? It makes me feel energetic and happy.
  2. When did you start breakdancing? At about 12 years old, S1
  3. Why did you start? I used to watch dancers on the street or YouTube and thought, “I want to have a shot at that!”
  4. What equipment do you need to break dance? No equipment, just slabs in the back garden to breakdance on.
  5. Any particular music? I like any music, but currently “Tech and Fragile – remix”, by BES9 is good. You want a good beat for street dance
  6. Do any of your friends breakdance? In a word: NO, I am the only one of my friends to break dance.
  7. What moves do you know? The Worm, Pop and Lock, Chest Isolation and others
  8. How long does it take to perfect a move? About 1 week or more. I tend to try and learn parts and add bits on afterwards.
  9. Are there any famous break-dancers? Dytto, Fickshun, The Production [big group encompassing lots of dancers] Look them up!
  10. How was the Rock Challenge? I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be, on such a big stage, but it was great fun!
  11. Was it your own choreography? All mine.
  12. What would you say to someone thinking of having a go? Definitely do it!! It’s a lot of fun putting the time and effort in, it’s worth it and anyone can do it!