TFX Performing Arts Academy

On the 16th of April 2016, the HYAH supported TFX Performing Arts Academy to go down to London and perform with the pop star "Foxes". 60 pupils from TFX went down to London by bus and they had the best time performing at Wembley - it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

It all started when Sally Robertson, the principal of TFX, got in contacts with pro-excel.  Pro-excel is a large dance company based in London which provides massive opportunities for dance schools around the UK to perform with Grammy award winning artists, perform at large events and to perform at some of the greatest stadiums and Venues in the world sport. Some artists people perform with are Pixie Lott and Alexandra Burke and TFX got to perform with “Foxes” live at Wembley. Pro-excel have now been running for 15 years. The owners of Pro-excel are called Matt O’Reilly and Liam O’Reilly they’re the ones what made this happen.

Over more than a year ago TFX applied for Wembley by contacting Pro-excel and we got accepted to go down and perform. TFX were one of the 18 dance schools in the UK and we were the only Scottish school who got accepted. There were 1,000 dancers performing live and a massive crowd of over 80,650 fans watching at the rugby tournament.

In able to go to Wembley TFX had to raise over £10,000.  So we decided to do some fundraising. Near the end of 2015 we put on a little show called ” a show in progress” where we performed in front of our family and friends and show all the work we have been working on in classes that term. The show including dance routines, singing and drama scenes, this mini show was a success and we raised some money. We did other fundraising such as bag packing and a change to win wine, for the adults, this was also a great help. Some charities also donated some money towards our trip. All this fundraising helped majorly with our trip.

To start rehearsals top London choreographer called Jason Pennycooke taught Pro-excel staff the routines. Then on the 13th-16th of February 2016, Jodie and Brittany from Pro-excel then came up to Inverness for 4 days intense training and for 6!hours long each day and taught TFX students and some staff the routine. Then after Claire Darcy, our dance teacher at TFX, maintained rehearsal leading up to the big day.

Wembley was a 3 day trip for TFX. On the Friday we travelled for 14 hours and on the Sunday we travelled for 12 hours to get home. On the Saturday we were all so excited when we got to the stadium we got seated and we listened to Foxes doing her soundcheck. After Foxes come over to speak to all of us and wished us luck. We got put into positions and went through both routines and we were seated again and waited for all the rugby fans to come in and get seated. Then it was show time we ran to our places and performed the routines. It was one of the best experiences ever. Performing in front of 85,650 rugby fans and dancing live with Foxes.  When we were sitting in our seats waiting to perform we were all so excited but nervous as well. After we danced we got to watch the rugby game and it was very good. Not long after Wembley pro-excel got in contacted with TFX to tell us how we were very professional and how well we dance and what wonderful staff and pupils we have!

Overall Wembley was stuff an amazing experience and a fantastic opportunity for all of TFX. The Wembley trip had been one of the best and biggest trips TFX has been on and we will never forget it. Thank you to all the hard work of all the TFX staff and Sally Robertson for making this happen.