Frozen Charlotte

As Miffy studies for her HND in Acting & Performance at Edinburgh College, one future career option may be delivering theatre for young people. Here, she checks out Frozen Charlotte to gain a deeper insight into what this may entail…

Frozen Charlotte is a bright and ambitious theatre company based in Moray. Their main goal is to bring interactive and staged theatre to children and young people…that being said I’m sure any adult would thoroughly enjoy their work too! They are the kind of company that any age group can appreciate as they utilise the imagination.

Many of Frozen Charlotte’s productions are only what can be described as multi-media as they incorporate music, crafts and many other beautifully manipulated art forms. Their show “Peep” was a beautiful and engaging performance for children aged 0-3 and their grownups, that was established and performed in 2009. They created an entire world for children to immerse themselves in…”Peep” the bird’s world. The artistic aspects of this show fascinates me; I find crossing and combining media’s is always an interesting step for a theatre company to take.

When working with young people Frozen Charlotte want the experience to take less of a directed approach, with a more creative and collaborative method of engagement, involving participants as much as they can. A brilliant example of this is their show “Pink”. “Pink” was commissioned by mPOWER and presented at mFEST in Summer 2010. The show was created in collaboration with five young women aged between 15 – 18. The brief synopsis of the show detailed:

PINK may appear to be girly, frilly and sickly sweet but enter this bubblegum world with care – these girly girls may not be sugar and spice and all things nice…

A piece exploring that girls aren’t just these pretty, pink, objects…it sounds like the kind of show I could truly understand & appreciate. (Don’t you just hate it when you learn about a show way too late!) The show received a promising review from the Herald:

Lots of potential to develop. Let’s hope it does.

These young women were given a platform to experiment with a social issue but were, at the same time, also given guidance in how they might go about it. This kind of theatre I’d love to do more of & work towards in a professional capacity. Exploration theatre, social theatre…theatre that takes one outlook on a certain issue or theme and completely flips it on it’s head…or even improves someone’s perspective on that issue or theme.


More recently, the company finished touring their show “The Library” at the end of 2015. The performance was aimed at P5 – P7 primary students, encouraging pupils to help the main character Basil discover the answer to a fascinating and mysterious mystery.

All of their shows bring something any age could enjoy, but what I find most important is that they are inspiring and building a next generation of artists. Working with kids to create theater is something I’d love to do if I were to go down an artistic director route. Equally, being in professional productions that include children as actors or active audiences would be a great…it’s always satisfying to do a piece where you can include the audience, seeing the terror or excitement in their eyes when you stop to ask them something or drag them onto a stage!!

I’d highly recommend keeping an eye out for future Frozen Charlotte productions as they are a company you shouldn’t want to miss, I know I don’t! A good place to start is their website…so go on, check them out here…