Shuffle Rewind

Shuffle is a series of live events hosted by plan B that celebrates the work of established artists as well as talent emerging from the Highlands and beyond. Throughout the night you are told to expect flashes of inspiration, rough and ready round the edges with a nod towards new work and new performance across music, dance, spoken word, film, theatre, comedy and visual art. However, what is it like being behind the scenes for such a project? Josie Tolliday gives us some insight…

Shuffle rewind is part of a series of live arts events held by Plan B which has been curated by young people. It is an evening that celebrates and showcases young and upcoming talent from the Highlands through visual arts, music and dance. It gives young people the opportunity to showcase works that they have created and allows them to see their projects through to fruition and performed in a live venue to an audience.  For example Aine Beattie had written a short story and with the acting, backdrops and music the performance brought her words to life and created a very dramatic piece.

For the first shuffle rewind performance there were 5 curators: myself (Josie Tolliday), Nadia Tolliday, Alia McGeoch, Caitlin Dolan and Aine Beattie. We were invited to join the curator team as we had attended previous shuffle events and knew a little bit of the background of what the shuffle ethos was. Plan B supported us and mentored us through the whole process. As curators we worked on what the theme of our evening would be and looked at a wide variety of young people’s works to assess which would be appropriate for our night. Plan B gave us support in how to merge acts together for example, Frank McConnell danced while Jake Cameron was performing with a visual backdrop of Scottish scenery.

We were involved from the very beginning planning stages, there were meetings to discuss local young artists and how their work could be combined. We went out into the community and actively looked for new talent that hadn’t yet taken that first step to performance as well. We contacted people and arranged times for them to come and try out at The Shed where the event would be held. Plan B were very helpful through this whole process as they had the additional knowledge of what could be done within the building with the technology available on site. It was a bit frustrating trying to make contact with some of the artists as many wouldn’t reply and some were still not confident enough to showcase their talents to an audience. We were able to encourage some of these people to attend the show and see what the Shuffle Rewind would be and it was rewarding to see them in the crowd, hopefully giving them the confidence to partake in future events.

Personally, I discovered that I really enjoyed acting and reciting poetry and without having had this experience I would not have been able to realise that I had the confidence and ability to do such a thing. It has enabled us to approach the next event we’re doing in December with more assurance and we are taking on more challenges for example, Nadia is painting paintings to be used in the backdrops.

We all had the opportunity to meet up with people we never met before and had all become good friends with each other. Through our participation with this event we have been invited out to various visual art events. Plan B has given me the confidence to go to university to start my media degree and shown me pathways that are available in this industry.

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