Inverness High Youth Forum

The Hub is passionate about enabling young people to get involved with the arts, when and how they please. Creative in Your Community is a scheme that can support you to do so, through encouraging you to explore new activities or develop new skills . Here, Chloe More gives us the low down on one such project.

The HYAH (Highland Youth Art Hub) is one of 9 hubs funded by Time to Shine. One intention of the HYAH is to get ages 12-25 involved with creative activity. To support this, HYAH has organised a scheme called Creative in Your Community.

Creative in Your Community was set up to support young people ages 12-25 in advancing their own creative projects within their communities. To help achieve this, there is an application where you can get up to £500 by yourself or £1000 as part of a group to do your own creative project. In the application you have to give your details about the project you want to do.  Also, you will have to add information about the budget and what it will be spend on.  One project that was successfully funded through this scheme was done by the Inverness High School Youth Forum.

‘This was our first application and it was successful – we can do an application now!!’ CIYC Participant

In this project they used dance, visual arts and music; one condition of securing support is that activity involves two or more art forms (digital, dance, drama, music, film, literature, visual art). This took place in James Cameron Community centre with young people from both Dalneigh and Merkinch, over a number of weeks and ended with a performance of singing and drumming but the different young people involved. In addition, the Inverness High School Youth Forum gained experience when creating a film about the overall project. This project enabled local artists to work together with young people to create the performance.

‘I had such a great time and loved the whole process. Can’t believe how well they did on the day!’ Fraser, Project Musician

Other aims of the Inverness High School Youth Forum was to get young people to learn and develop new skills, to gain confidence and to have lots of fun. The feedback from the group stated that the creative leaders were brilliant and that they would do it again. However, they would like even more people to take part next time! Upon reflection, project participants have said;

‘I learned to sing in front of people.  Before I didn’t even let my mum hear me.’

‘We designed our own t-shirts using lyrics from the songs or phrases to do with drumming.  We then learned how to tie dye.  The t-shirts were beautiful.’

‘We learned how to set up a PA. Arron set it up while we watched, then took it down.  Eilidh managed to set it up again perfectly in under 5 minutes!’

‘I learned how to work with other people because I like singing on my own but other people need to have their chance and I want to support them.’

If you are interested in applying for the Creative In Your Community Scheme, contact Stacey Toner at HYAH for more information. There are only 3 essential criteria we are looking for in applications;

  • Projects must include more than one art form
  • Projects must work with a professional i.e. an artist, a musician, a film maker etc.
  • Projects must encourage more young people to get involved i.e. as participants or as audience members.

So…what are you waiting for?!  Get thinking and apply to Creative in Your Community!!