Creative Scotland

For a young person interested in the creative industries, especially those looking to build a career in the sector, where do you start? Checking out Creative Scotland is probably the best place … Here Sarah Cairney sums up the what, where and whys.

Creative Scotland is a government based organisation that work to support and fund art industries throughout the whole of Scotland. By doing this they help people of any age to experience the arts and make their goals into a reality. These arts include literature, Music, dance, digital art, film, visual art and drama. Funding for creative Scotland comes from two main sources, the National Lottery and the Scottish Government.

Creative Scotland funds a wide range of different opportunities, and I think it’s very interesting because it doesn’t just focus on just young people, but people of any generation. This gives young and old people a better chance to achieve and experience great things. This is important because its giving everyone a chance no matter what age, background, etc. It is also for anyone, that lives anywhere in Scotland who is part of, or wants to be part of any of the arts. This is important for people in closed off /excluded areas of Scotland as it gives them something to do and get them out and about. It is also good for people living in the city too, as it gets them distracted from bad influences, e.g. drugs, alcohol and vandalism.

I find that the Creative Scotland’s website makes a very good use of social media e.g. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, by making people aware of the work its doing by sharing recent events or activities. Many people aren’t even aware that Creative Scotland exists so it’s a good way to tackle this problem.

I think it’s great they have an award scheme too, it rewards people for their effort and hard work put into projects/events/or even just helping make something happen. It gives people a sense of accomplishment and makes them aware they’re on the right track. This is important because people need to know there doing things right to keep them focused on doing well, and they’ll want to carry on with their work if they realise its making an impact.

I also noticed the website has a newsletter; this is an excellent way to get people involved and aware of what’s going on and what’s soon to come. This is handy because it gives outside people an insight into what Creative Scotland it doing right now or what they’re going to in the future. It’s also good because it keeps organisations and youth groups etc. informed and updated

Overall I think that Creative Scotland is a great asset to the whole of Scotland, as it provides so many amazing opportunities.

You can explore all Creative Scotland has to offer here: